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Advisory Board Member

Mary Cordaro - Certified-Bau-Biologist
President and Founder of Mary Cordaro, Inc.

Mary Cordaro is a healthy home environmental specialist, Certified-Bau-Biologist, and is the President and Founder of Mary Cordaro Inc.

She has helped clients who are sensitive to conventional building and interior materials since 1989, providing them with resources for diagnosing and solving environmental home problems. Her integrated approach is unique, synthesizing the fields of "Bau-Biologie", Building Science, and green building - while supporting low consumption and healthy ecological lifestyles.

Cordaro directs a team of specialists who work together to test for, and abate contaminants in the home, including electromagnetic fields, mold and chemicals and other environmental and health related toxins. She offers families resources for safe building materials and systems for healthy indoor air quality, clean drinking water and low electromagnetic fields.

Cordaro's academic and professional background in adult education and instructional design is well respected and sought after by homeowners, architects, interior designers, contractors, health practitioners and medical doctors. She lectures and teaches classes around the world. To learn more about Cordaro, please visit Read more

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